About you...


Our Casting Philosophy

 - Friendly and Reliable We have been among the leading high class agency and a key player on the international scale. Our clientele is situated all over the world and book all over the world. Since 7 years we are constantly growing and gain more and more loyal clients. Top Callgirl's service is especially tailored to the escort ladies needs and our back office administration takes extremely good care of you in a friendly and quite private manner. We never leave you alone and you may reach the office at any time during a date. We take care of your exact bookkeeping, we arrange your travels, we help you with your styling and outfit and if you have more intimate questions we always find a solution to support you. We make sure that the hotel and location is on a 5-star scale and when booking overseas flights we try to get you into business class. This is because the clients we screen play on that ground! You take your time for planning as we book dates mostly on a long term basis (2 weeks or more). If something comes short term, the contact and support by the office is close and intensive. As we know you, we will set you up with clients which we think you will like. Our clients are at a high percentage well known to us so everything matches perfectly. New to Escorting? Seeking a lifestyle upgrade: find the agency that fits your personal situation and if you like it very warm and family like, come to Top Call Girl – we are surely one of the best agencies in that business.

We never force you to do something you don't like.

So take your time to come for an interview and get to know us. We are sure that we are close to friends after the casting meeting. We are a big Top Call Girl family. We support you in finding your own style and special niche to become a first class escort. Experienced escort already? If you are looking for a very reliable, very well organized and straight agency, then you are right with Top Call Girl. You play on a 5-star scale and the expectations from our side are adapted to that level.


We are looking for fresh faces and escort beginners!

  First Meeting with Top Call Girl agency

 - private and descreet Your significant application by e-mail should include the following: - your resume - a detailed personal description - 5 recent photos (only for viewing, not for publication) - your phone number and further contact details After a first contact via telephone or e-mail you may be invited to the Top Call Girl casting-site to get into personal contact. We will cover all expenses, just find the way to us! If we both agree to a future cooperation, the photoshoot for the representative photos on our website are free of charge! Here we are unique on the market! We offer a more natural approach to escort photography, shoot at various locations like high class hotel rooms or fancy, nice locations giving an altogether warm and genuine look. Depending on the timing we take you out for dinner or coffee so that we get a first glance of your fitting into high class style.

Top Call Girl Escorts™ - What are we looking for?

Personal background and philosophy of life

  • You are about 21 to 32 years old you are training, studying a profession and can submit the appropriate documents.
  • You are consequent, disciplined and ambitioned
  • Discretion is important to you and you are used to playing by the rules
  • You are adventurous and open to new experiences
  • The topic escort intrigues you and you are looking for the right agency
  • You are intelligent and high educated you know foreign languages and wish to perfect them
  • You are interested in travelling and other cultures

Your style

  • your body is perfect and you have a model figure
  • your face is extraordinairy beautiful,
  • your hair well styled and shiny you are extremely well groomed with silky skin your nails are perfectly manicured
  • you have NO noticeable piercings or tattoos

Your motivation

  • you love adventures a one night stand without consequences sounds intriguing to you
  • you would love to travel the world, while you are still young
  • you are SINGLE and want to enjoy your life!



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